11th International Symposium on Circumcision, Genital Integrity, and Human Rights

July 29-31, 2010
University of California, Berkeley

Program and Syllabus of Abstracts

The symposium will be held in UC Berkeley's Foothill Assembly Room and the dorms, the Foothill Residence Halls, are next door. The address is 2700 Hearst Avenue, Berkeley, California 94720. The dorm facilities are in suites of four rooms (more and less) with a shared bath and common area for gathering. The dining hall is just downstairs from our Assembly Room. For those wanting fancier rooms, we recommend the Hotel Shattuck Plaza (, 866-466-9199 or 510-845-7300.

On page 2 of the campus map, you will see a map of Foothill that includes the Foothill parking lot. Print out the Parking Slip so that, when you arrive, you can put it on your dashboard. You will have a thirty-minute grace period while you are registering and picking up your parking permit before you are ticketed. You will check in at the Stern Front Desk, which is the building labeled Stern Dining. You will also see the roundabout driveway right in front of the building.

Then, on page 3, you will see a campus map with the Faculty Club, located at C5. This is where the Friday evening banquet and entertainment will be held. We will walk from the roundabout to the Faculty Club together, but the map is just in case you should happen to lose the group.

The Bay Porter ( has door-to-door service from both San Francisco ($32 plus tip) and Oakland ($25 plus tip) airports. BART is $2 from Oakland, $8 from SFO, with a terminal right in SFO.

The San Francisco Bay Area has varied temperatures in July, so dress in layers. Evenings or foggy days may be cool. If you plan on attending the NOCIRC open house/office 25-year celebration on August 1, you'll be in the country, so dress casually. If you're interested in taking a little hike to hug a Redwood tree or just to be in the woods among them, be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes. You should wear comfortable shoes anyway...high heels won't be appropriate for this gathering! We'll have transportation from the dormitory at noon on Sunday and you'll be taken back to the dorm at 6pm, arriving at 7pm. I'll give more specifics during the closing of the symposium.

Click here for the Registration Form.

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