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December 12, 1994. The National Center for Health Statistics released its latest statistics on the U.S. circumcision rate, showing a drop in the western United States to 35.5% -- the lowest in the country. The national rate for 1993 has dropped to 59.5% According to NOCIRC Director, Marilyn Milos, R.N., "The steady fall in newborn circumcision reflects an increasing awareness among doctors and parents that the surgery is medically unnecessary." "Although the rate is falling, the U.S. is the only western nation to practice routine newborn circumcision on the majority of its boys. European, Asian, Central, and South American nations do not circumcise. Many European medical associations actively condemn the practice," says pediatrician Paul Fleiss. "Circumcision was introduced into the U.S. in the Victorian Era to curb masturbation and became a routine procedure during the 1950s for various medical reasons, all of which have been disproven. Circumcision causes pain, trauma, and a permanent loss of protective and erogenous tissue," says Fleiss. According to urologist James Snyder, past President of the Virginia Urologic Society, "The fall in the rate of circumcision is a sign of progress. Circumcision is a destructive, contraindicated surgery with serious risks including hemorrhage, infection, irreparable mutilation and death. One serious complication occurs in every 500 circumci- sions (approximately 3,700 in 1993). When Americans become educated, they refuse to allow their sons to be subjected to unnecessary risk. With more penises left as nature made them, we expect fewer urologic and sexual problems related to circumcision." Thomas Ritter, M.D. author of Say No to Circumcision! notes: "The drop in the rate of circumcision means that the vast majority of American boys will now grow up with natural, intact genitalia, just like boys in Europe." "Since 1971, the American Academy of Pediatrics has claimed that there are no valid medical reasons for circumcision. After 50 years, the U.S. medical community is finally joining world opinion and abandoning the practice," says George Denniston, M.D. Marilyn Milos, who founded NOCIRC in 1979 to educate Americans about cir- cumcision and the value of leaving boys intact says, "Parents in the U.S. are returning to basic values of protecting human rights and self-determination. At the present rate of decline, circumcision will soon join routine tonsillectomy, as a relic of archaic medical practice."

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